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 312830_558555387492313_1725414528_nWhat is your name and title? 

Kevin Miller and my title is Executive Director of Thelma.

What is your role in the organization/business?  

Face for the organization and lead fund raiser. Create, nurture, all arts programming at THELMA.

What organization/business are you affiliated with?  

Wisconsin Arts Board, Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission, Project Management Team of the Arts and Entertainment District of Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Noon Rotary, Elks Club, Positively Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Children’s Chorale, Association of Commerce (FDL), Foot of the Lake Poetry Collective, Fond du Lac Visual Arts, Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership.

How did you arrive at the idea of starting your organization/business? 

THELMA was the next step in the process of transforming Fond du Lac’s downtown art center from a local, niche, organization into a regional arts destination.   The organization was created in 1994 as the Fond du Lac Arts Council with the original mission of helping support and promote Fond du lac’s vibrant local arts scene.  The organization’s mission changes after purchasing the abandoned Masonic Temple to be utilized as the Arts Council’s headquarters.  In order to pay the bills, the organization evolves into a presenter of multi-disciplinary arts experiences.  Due to the recent expansion, the organization’s name has changed to THELMA SADOFF CENTER FOR THE ARTS.

Courtesy of Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Courtesy of Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Why is such an organization/business important in your community? 

Fond du Lac has many cultural and economic challenges.  Without THELMA, the majority of Fond du Lac’s citizenry would not be able to experience the arts on any level.  THELMA nurtures Fond du Lac culturally, economically (making our community attractive to employers ,employees, and visitors).

What is the vision of your organization/business? 

Creating arts experiences that are not readily available to the Fond du Lac area.

How do you define an art community? 

Any collaboration, whether cities, individuals, or organizations that come together to promote, create, perform, and share an arts experience.

Name one success your organization/business has experienced. 

The $7 Million fundraising effort which facilitated  the expansion and renovation transforming our humble downtown arts center into a regional arts destination.

Name one challenge your organization/business has experienced. 

Making the arts accessible for the entire community.

Where can we find information about your organization? 




Kevin’s Biography

Since June of 2007, Kevin has been Executive Director of Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA), formerly known as Windhover Center for the Arts.  A multi-use art center located in the heart of downtown Fond du Lac, Miller provided the vision and leadership for a multi-million dollar expansion transforming THELMA into a major regional arts destination. This dynamic development in downtown Fond du Lac has been a catalyst for new business and recreation opportunities, and provides unparalleled access to arts and entertainment.  

Committed to a thriving downtown Fond du Lac, Miller served on the board of directors for the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership (DFP) and was the chair of the DFP Economic Restructuring committee.  He is part of a unique collaboration that created the vision plan for a vibrant Arts & Entertainment District in downtown Fond du Lac.   Through his work with the DFP, Kevin was named Wisconsin Main Street’s Volunteer of the Year for 2011.  January 2013, Governor Walker appointed Kevin to serve on the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Kevin came to Fond du Lac with over twenty years’ experience in the performing arts as administrator, director, performer, and fundraiser.  Miller has worked with some of the country’s foremost professional theatre companies including: The Cleveland Playhouse, the Pearl Theatre of New York City (NYC), The Lark Theatre (NYC) and First Stage Children’s Theater in Milwaukee. He received his BA from UW-Eau Claire, and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  In 2000, he created the Cedar Creek Repertory Company in Cedarburg, Wisconsin where his production of OUR TOWN was selected to be included in the official Thornton Wilder collection at Yale University.

Kevin moved to Fond du Lac in 2008 with his wife Ann and their 3 children, Hannah, Zane, & Silas.


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