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Artdose Vol XXV now available online

We are thrilled to release our 25th issue of Artdose Art Guide. Artdose was started in Sheboygan in 2013 as a way to bridge smaller art communities in North East Wisconsin. Today, it continues to promote and connect the visual arts and artists across North East and South East Wisconsin. There are a lot of great art, exhibitions, and events happening over here.

Artdose is one way of bringing it to the forefront.  

Vol XXV issue features artist, Mary Bergs from Benton, WI. 

Image courtesy of the artist

Artdose VOL XXV would be not be possible without the continued support of the following: Art in Algoma: First FridayEighty Art & DesignLakeshore Art Supplies, LLCThe Pink Llama Gallery, and Riverwalk Art Center. 

This issue runs from January 1 – March 31, 2019.

New Additions

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Artist Mary Bergs interviewed by Erika L. Block [link]

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Paint the Towns: Paintings of Plymouth and Sheboygan Falls at the Plymouth Arts Center

A message from Donna Hahn, Executive Director, Plymouth Arts Center

We cordially invite you to the Plymouth Arts Center, this Friday, September 28, 2018, from 6 to 9pm to view and bid on original paintings of Plymouth, Sheboygan Falls, and our beautiful rural areas! Come and meet the artists, see the complete collection of paintings that are being created during Paint the Towns, En Plein Air 2018, and bid on your favorite piece at the silent auction. There will be live music, complimentary appetizers, and a cash bar. Admission for the “Paint the Towns” gala is free and open to the public. Bring your friends and neighbors; don’t miss your opportunity to own an original painting of our beautiful area for your home or office, or as a one of a kind gift!

The paintings on display and up for bid at the Plymouth Arts Center will be created outdoors “plein air” during the Arts Center’s annual “Paint the Towns, En Plein Air” event. Artist Dan Rizzi of Plymouth is graciously coordinating the event as a fundraiser for the Plymouth Arts Center. Artists from all over the state of Wisconsin and beyond are participating in this ninth annual paint-out and will be competing for cash and merit awards. Place your vote on Friday night for the painting that best depicts Plymouth and Sheboygan Falls in the Viewer’s Choice category.

Unsold paintings at the Silent Auction will be on display and for sale through October 13th only at “Buy It Now” fixed price.

Hope to see you this Friday Night!


Artdose Art Guide VOL XXIV featured artist, Clare Jorgensen

written by Erika L. Block

Clare Jorgensen is a Milwaukee-based encaustic artist with a studio located inside Material Studios + Gallery in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward, a collective that houses the workspaces of about fifteen artists, the Frank Juarez Gallery, and two arts organizations. The space as a whole is predominantly open to the public, where art enthusiasts are able to walk through and speak to the artists as they work. “That’s a lot of art, artists, and inspiration. I appreciate the collegiality of everyone being under the same roof. I feel fortunate to be in the space I create in.”

Clare’s primary medium is encaustic, which consists of beeswax, dammar resin (crystallized tree sap), and pigments. Encaustic painting is an ancient technique derived from the Greek word enkaustikos, meaning to heat or burn in. Heat is used throughout the process, from melting the beeswax to fusing the layers of wax. Occasionally Clare also works in cold wax medium, which is also beeswax and resin, but with the addition of a solvent. Prior to discovering and immersing herself in encaustics, Clare practiced papermaking, fiber art and surface design. “I chose the medium after I saw several pieces in an exhibition a few years ago. There was such a luminosity and a glow that I had never seen before. I was familiar with the use of wax as a resist in textile and fiber art, but this use of it was a revelation to me. Such simple and natural elements: wax from bees and resin from trees, with an ancient history that could be used with modern tools – it was irresistible to me!” The 20th century has seen a significant rebirth of encaustic work. It is an irony of the modern age, with its emphasis on advanced technology, that a technique so ancient, labor-intensive, and unpredictable should regain such popularity.

Layers are integral to encaustic work. Each piece is built through layers that contrast in ways that are both subtle and obvious. It relays a history and a transition. When beginning a new piece, Clare begins by writing and mark making, setting the stage for the layers to follow. An appealing aspect to the layered nature of encaustic work is that often the artist is the only one who knows the history underneath, and the many iterations that have taken place before the final product. “If someone asks I tell them – but otherwise, it is my secret.” Layering. Concealing. Revealing. Along the way, early elements recede from the surface but are still present, serving as a quiet yet significant foundation for the new elements taking shape above it.

Michael Hedges. 6×6 in. Encaustic, graphite, silverleaf on cradled birch panel. 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

“The evolution in my work began with rudimentary technical skills and the mistaken belief that I could control the process from beginning to end, and therefore the result. I could not have been more wrong and more humbled by the medium. What I have learned, through my own study and research, and through the wisdom of other accomplished artists and teachers, is that there is no ultimate control of the outcome. When you combine fire and beeswax and resin and pigment, you need to allow things to come to you without forcing an outcome.  This can be a difficult lesson, but certainly very worth the trouble. I now only hope to control temperature and air movement and the quality of my materials and my technique. The rest happens in spite of me!  I am not disappointed to learn this lesson. It keeps me humble.”

Clare hopes her work will momentarily transport the viewer into the work and make them feel something that resonates with them, whether familiar or unfamiliar. “It delights me when viewers tell me about experiencing wonder and curiosity viewing my work. It is gratifying to share my visual thoughts and emotions with others through the work.” Looking toward the future, Clare Jorgensen hopes to be able to build on the use of both encaustic and cold wax medium as an expressive means of storytelling, to work larger, and to explore sculptural forms that advance the richness of the work.


To learn more about Clare Jorgensen and her work, please visit:

Erika L. Block is a professional writer and designer working exclusively with the art, music, publishing, film and fashion industries. She is also a contemporary mixed media artist.

Stay connected:

Art Slam Committee Announces Judges for Art Slam

Written for Lakeshore Artists Guild by Jody Kuchar

The Lakeshore Artist Guild members are presenting for the first time ever, Manitowoc Art Slam; an event aimed at getting local artists in the out of doors to create art in the downtown area of the city.  The art, in the spirit of En Plein Air will be created on the spot – with perhaps some planning and pre-set up of materials.  The Lakeshore Artist Guild members are diverse in their media.  The members include painters; oil, water and acrylic on all types of medium.  There are woodturners-carvers, fabric artists, leather workers, paper and hand made book makers. There are photographers and film makers.  There are print makers and writers and potters/ceramic workers.  To adequately represent such diversity, the organizers of Art Slam realized they needed to  have judges with experience in a variety of media.  The three judges decided upon for Art Slam were chosen from amongst teachers, gallery owners, the digital press and working artists. 

The inaugural Art Slam will take place with artists on sites in downtown, on Saturday, September 15th from 9am until 5pm; and Sunday, September 16th, from 9am until 4pm. 

More of the events planned for Saturday, September 15th are a Public Mural Project at the corner of Jay and 9th streets; “Artenlunch”, an opportunity to brown bag your lunch and eat with an artist or two at Manitowoc Public Library from noon to 1:30pm.   Saturday evening the fun continues with “Poetry Slam”, an event sponsored by Lakeshore Artist Guild and part of Art Slam.  Poetry Slam will be at Kathie’s Stage Door Pub at Franklin and 7th Streets, it will begin with established poets reading their work at 6pm.  There will be an open mic portion of the program as well.

It will be a difficult task to judge all of the works created at Art Slam.  Participants will include Lakeshore Artist Guild members as well as any other interested artists.   The judges for Art Slam are:

Art Slam judge Kathryn Dreifuerst

Kathryn Dreifuerst is a Wisconsin painter, potter, gallerist, teacher, and arts advocate. After teaching art for nearly two decades, Dreifuerst left full time teaching to focus on her gallery, Fond du Lac’s Riverwalk Art Center, and,  her own art work in oil painting and ceramics. Dreifuerst’s paintings are often inspired by words; in poetry, prose, or lyrics;  and have recently taken a surreal turn.  The interaction of people in public spaces, self-portraiture as metaphor, and crows are subject matter that Dreifuerst has visited recently. Her oil paintings are guided by Tolstoy’s words: “All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”  

Dreifuerst creates functional pottery for daily use. She says she works with clay for the tactile pleasure, and the immediacy of such a forgiving medium. She has recently returned to figurative work in ceramics.

When Dreifuerst is not in her downtown Fond du Lac gallery or Oshkosh studio, she can be found in area art venues; viewing art, lecturing on art, teaching an art workshop, or jurying an art exhibit.

Art Slam judge Frank Juarez

Frank Juarez is a gallery director, art educator, artist, author, presenter, and arts advocate living and working in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through professional development workshops, use of social media and networking has placed him in the forefront of advancing and promoting local artists and attracting regional and national artists to collaborate, network and exhibit in Wisconsin.

Juarez is the art department chair at Sheboygan North High School. He is actively involved in local, regional, state, and national arts organization such as the Wisconsin Art Education Association, and the National Art Education Association. He has served as a board member in the following organizations: Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, Arts Wisconsin, and the Cedarburg Cultural Center. He is the founder/former director of the. In 2011, he has opened his first art gallery, the Frank Juarez Gallery in Sheboygan and has relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has presented at local universities, colleges, galleries, and artist groups on the Business of Art | Art of Business. He is the founder of two projects focused on contemporary art and art education called The Midwest Artist Studios and the 365 Artists 365 Days Project. In 2015, he was awarded the 2015 Wisconsin Art Education Association Teacher of the Year and in 2016, he was awarded the 2016 National Art Education Association Wisconsin Art Educator of the Year, joined the faculty of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, joined SchoolArts Magazine as a contributing editor, and co-founded the Randall Frank Contemporary Art Collection Artist Grant Program. Recently, he has been elected to serve on the National Art Education Foundation Board of Trustees and has been awarded the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation 2018 Teacher Fellows.

Art Slam judge Berel Lutsky

Berel Lutsky was born in Buffalo NY and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He earned his BS in studio art with a concentration in printmaking from UW Madison, and his MFA in studio art with a concentration in printmaking and drawing from UW Milwaukee. He has taught at several UW Colleges, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Carroll University in Waukesha, and the Avni Institute in Israel. In addition to his formal education he has worked as a printer at the “Fishy Whale Press” in Milwaukee WI, the Tel Aviv Artist’ House Printshop, and has presented workshops and done residencies at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. His work has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and is in public and private collections in Israel, Belgium, Japan and the US. He is currently a Professor of Art at UW Manitowoc where he teaches drawing, design, photography, printmaking, and painting.

On Friday, September 21st, there is a Public Awards Ceremony and Exhibit opening at Rahr-West Art Museum; with awards presentation at 7:30pm. This is free and open to the Public.


Art Slam to Award Prizes to Juried Artists 

by Jody Kuchar for Lakeshore Artists Guild

When the key members of Lakeshore Artist Guild began the structure for Art Slam as an event, it was quickly decided that to attract artists from outside the immediate area, there needed to be incentive, or motivation to participate by artists other than guild members.  The committee quickly approved a jury of three who would decide the recipients of two cash prizes as awards.  Those prizes will be given by Artists, Educators, and Community Advocates for the arts. The awards are named in honor of accomplished artists who are widely known, but stayed here in the Manitowoc – Two Rivers area where their work enriched our community.  In addition to the cash prizes, the Prize Givers will be personally adding their own gift/award. 

For the 2018 Inaugural Art Slam, the Prizes will be awarded by Barbara Bundy-Jost, Jeanne Mease, representing the Lester Bentley committee of the Two Rivers Historical Society and, Ron Stokes.

Ron Stokes  has been a working artist for much of his adult life.  Ron received his BS and MS degrees in Art Education from UW Milwaukee.  He taught in Milwaukee schools and Manitowoc School district for 32 years.  Until Ron retired in 1990, he was art supervisor in the Manitowoc schools.  Mr Stokes helped the art department move into the computer era, disciplined based art education, and developed an award winning March/Youth Art Month Program which continues today.  Mr Stokes was a John Hays Fellow (alternate) and a member of the J Paul Getty DBAE Process Group.  He was also the president of the Wisconsin Art Education Association.  Through 1970 he was the Director of a federally funded ESEA program, Art A Primary Source to enrich social studies.  Mr Stokes has been associated with Rahr West Art Museum association and was on their board of directors.  Since he retired, Ron has operated Gallery East and has been associated with NASCO International developing products.  Ron also supervises interns and student teachers for UWGB and UW-Plattville.  Ron also is cultural arts judge for the Wisconsin department of agriculture, where he judges arts and crafts and antiques.

Ron Stokes is a member of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society, Green Bay Watercolor Guild, Wisconsin and National Education Association, Wisconsin Education Association, and the Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art.  In 2009, Ron was awarded the Wesley Teply Community Service Award in the Arts. 

Ron is married to Maureen “Dolly,”  who, along with Ron, founded Courthouse Square Art Show, which was sponsored by the ‘Little Gallery’ group of artists, who met at the Rahr West Museum.  Among the members of Little Gallery was beginning art collector, Ruth West.  The Courthouse Square Art Show was an annual event for 14 years.

Ron is an avid watercolor painter and occasionally teaches introductory watercolor for UW Outreach in Northeast Wisconsin.  His work focuses on the experimental side of the medium – seeing what can be done with the material.  He has a love of large Wisconsin land and seascapes featuring dramatic skies and warm lights.  Ron says; “There is nothing you can’t do with the watercolor medium.”

You can see Ron’s work at Gallery East, 930 South 7th Street, which is open Thursdays from noon until 8PM, and Fridays and Saturdays from 10am through 4pm.  Gallery East is proud of the hundreds of art object that have been placed in homes and business establishments here, nationally and even internationally.  Many visits are by appointment and are very welcome.  Contact Gallery East 920.684.8226.

Born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Lester Bentley decided he wanted to be an artist at an early age. His first exhibit was at the Manitowoc county fair. The thirteen-year-old eighth grade student, earned two firsts and two seconds in competition with professional artists.

While working as a sign painter, he was urged to apply for a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago by the Two Rivers High School art teacher, Bonnie (Nahrath) Zuehl. His talent was recognized, he was awarded the scholarship and continued to receive it for four years including the first ever for post graduate work.

His travels took him to Haiti, Florida, Georgia and Mexico where he learned the egg tempera technique. During the summers of 1933-1934 he taught art at Two Rivers and Manitowoc Vocational Schools and completed murals for Sacred Heart Church in Two Rivers. In 1935 he worked for the WPA’s Federal Arts Project and in 1942 competed for the commission to paint murals for the new DePere (WI) Post Office. The subject was to be the burning of the St. Francis Xavier mission in 1687. He painted three pieces as a triptych; the first is of Father Claude Allouez blessing a corn field, one is a settler carrying a dying convert out of the fire, and the third of Nicholas Perrot paddling a canoe in the Fox River. These are now displayed at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay.

During World War II, Chief Petty Officer Bentley produced art as his service in the U.S. Coast Guard. His most famous works of this time were his recruitment posters. His original SPARS, a woman in the U.S. Coast Guard, is currently displayed at the Washington House Museum in Two Rivers, WI. He also painted portraits of military officers until his discharge in 1946. After the war he stayed in White Plains, New York where he met and married Constance Lolien. They eventually moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, buying a home and a studio in 1953 and returning to his summer studio in Two Rivers.

Eventually specializing in portraiture, Bentley worked for Portraits Incorporated in New York and did private commissions. Among his subjects were: President Dwight D. Eisenhower (the Two Rivers collection includes one of the two that were painted), U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William O. Douglas, four Wisconsin Governors and University of Wisconsin president Conrad Elvehjem. His portraits and paintings are said to be represented in over 300 private and public collections though this number continues to grow as more pieces are discovered. Bentley was also an accomplished lithographer and an art teacher.

Bentley has been represented in many important shows such as the Carnegie, the San Francisco, Chicago and New York World’s Fairs, American Annual and Chicago show at the Art Institute of Chicago and his work was displayed at the National Gallery in London and the Kremlin in Moscow.

Easiest for public viewing, is the collection at the Lester Public Library made available by the Two Rivers Historical Society. Bentley’s work can also be found in the permanent collections of Columbia University; and, in these Wisconsin museums: the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin State Historical Society and Chazen Museum of Art, UW Madison, and, the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay, and,  Rahr West Art Museum in Manitowoc.  More of his otherwise unknown paintings continue to emerge.  To view some of Lester Bentley’s work online, follow these links:

Barbara Bundy-Jost was born during the Barbie Doll era and named the same by her pediatrician, Barbara Bundy-Jost denies modeling her life after the plastic icon. Although she is immediately mesmerized by women’s accessories, (particularly handbags and shoes) and she does hold a fascination for 50’s/ 60’s fashion and guys with 3-letter names like Ken or Jim, she flatly denies Barbie’s influence on her life.

Barb has spent the better part of her life working for the Manitowoc Public School District as an art teacher, a 21st Century Communications team teacher, an International Baccalaureate Coordinator and Visual Art Teacher and CAS (Creative, Action and Service) Coordinator. Her days are filled with activities that inspire community youth to create, contribute and value the world in which they live. As an active community member who is devoted to the arts, Barb supports and continues to develop initiatives like Sputnikfest, Chairs for Charity, Community Art Exhibits, The Art Doctor, Stage Door Pub Summer Theatre, the HFM Maritime Marathon, Evergleams on Eighth, and the development of Traditional and Digital Art Programming through public education curriculum. Barb is the 2013 recipient of the Wesley Teply Community Service Award in the Arts; a service award established in 1999 by the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association to recognize people who substantially contribute to the arts in the greater Manitowoc area.    

Barb also serves on the library’s board of directors, is Community Service Coordinator at Lincoln and constantly tries to figure out how to be retired! Because of her love of art and her belief in the power of art to make you smart, Barb celebrates the work of all Artists and works diligently promoting art programming and activities for all ages.


Manitowoc Readies for Art Slam 2018   

written by Jody Kuchar for Lakeshore Artist Guild

The 2018 Inaugural Art Slam kicks off with a private Reception for Art Slam Artists and Sponsors on Friday, September 14th, from 6 to 8 pm in The Riverview Room at The Wisconsin Maritime Museum.  Artists who have not already done so can register at this event. Artists will receive maps and an information package; there will be music, drinks and light snacks. Katie Ries, founder of Land Scouts will be the keynote speaker.

Saturday, September 15th, artists will be scattered about downtown Manitowoc working on their specific pieces from 9am-5pm. Pick up a brochure with an area map and event details at Art Slam Headquarters located in the Aspire Education Center at 816 S. 8th St., Manitowoc. Bonus Buttons will also be for sale at Art Slam Headquarters.

Early Saturday, September 15th, after the sun has burned off the mists, start your day with a stretch and a warm up at the Farmers Market with a Free Yoga session presented by Teresa Falvey of State of Grace LLC.  Yoga starts at 9am and goes until 10am.  Please bring your own blanket or mat.

During Art Slam, the participating Bonus Button businesses will be offering discounts and deals during the business day.  For a list of participating businesses, please check the Art Slam Manitowoc Facebook page: or our website: Bonus Buttons are available at various locations in Manitowoc. The cost is $2 per button. Businesses offering discounts to people sporting a Bonus Button will display a poster to announce their participation.  

Glaze & Paint on Washington, will be open all day for working artists to use their space and for clients who are inspired to stop in and make something. In the mood for more great art?  Stop by Gallery East, 930 South 7th Street, and enjoy a beverage with Ron Stokes while taking in rooms full of fabulous art. In conjunction with Art Slam, Moore’s Irish Pub will be having a street party, featuring the music of the Roving Scallywags and Nettle Hill. Jay Street to 9th Street will be closed to traffic; Moore’s Irish Pub is offering a special drink to Bonus Button wearers.  

Have you ever wanted to help paint a mural? Everyone is invited to help paint Manitowoc’s newest community mural during Art Slam. Erin LaBonte and Silver Lake Art Students will be leading the project and they will make it fun and easy to do.  Located at the intersection of Jay and 9th, next to the street party closures, you’ll find Erin and her students working on the next downtown community art project.  Come and join them. 

The long anticipated Land Scouts Workshop with Katie Ries at the Manitowoc Public Library begins at 10am – registration required.   This is an exciting event for all family members; more information is available at Manitowoc Public Library.

After a busy morning, take a break and ArtenLunch! from noon to 1:30pm, in the Balkansky Room at the Manitowoc Library. Bring a brown bag lunch and mingle with the brown bagging artists. Public is welcome. 

ArtSlamFashMob invites dancers of all experience, age and attitude to join in the inaugural Art Slam. Flash Mob at 4pm (surprise location to be announced).  For more information about how to join this fun (and filmed) event, visit

Poetry Slam Event: Saturday, September 15th, from 6-8pm at Kathie’s Stage Door Pub, 7th and Franklin Streets, in the big tent.  Twelve local poets will read their own work (or their favorite work), after which an Open Mic reading opportunity will take place.  Open to the public, to poets and lovers of poetry!  For more information about the poets involved, see the Art Slam Facebook page.

And lastly, on Saturday, someone new to our Art scene: Liysa Callsen, who says “Comedy is Art.” Liysa is happy to be part of the first annual Manitowoc Art Slam and to perform ”Craftswomanship Comedy,” with stories and improv. Thanks to Beacon Organizational Consulting for hosting. The show is free, but accepting donations to benefit Manitowoc County Humane Society. Show time is 8:30 to 10pm and space is limited. 

Sunday, September 16th, from 9am to 4pm artists will be on location completing art pieces. Artwork is to be turned in at the Rahr-West Art Museum on Sunday September 16th, from 4 – 6 pm. 

The  Public Awards Celebration and Exhibit Opening will be Friday September 21st, from 6 -8pm at the Rahr-West Art Museum. Join us for some “Slamtastic” fun, drinks, and light snacks. Vote for your favorite artwork. The People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Manitowoc Yacht Club, will be presented by Ron Stokes after the votes are tallied. Three jurors, chosen from teachers, gallery owners, the digital press and working artists: Kathryn Dreifuerst, Frank Juarez, and Beryl Lutsky will determine the winners of The Lester W. Bentley Award and the Bodacious Barbara Bundy-Jost Award. Awards will be presented by Barb Bundy-Jost and Two Rivers Historical Society representative, Jeanne Mease. This reception is free and open to the public. The Rahr-West Art Museum is located at 610 North Eighth Street, Manitowoc,WI 54220.

Artwork created during Art Slam will be on display at the Rahr-West Art Museum September 21-November 11, 2018.