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Artdose Vol XXV now available online

We are thrilled to release our 25th issue of Artdose Art Guide. Artdose was started in Sheboygan in 2013 as a way to bridge smaller art communities in North East Wisconsin. Today, it continues to promote and connect the visual arts and artists across North East and South East Wisconsin. There are a lot of great art, exhibitions, and events happening over here.

Artdose is one way of bringing it to the forefront.  

Vol XXV issue features artist, Mary Bergs from Benton, WI. 

Image courtesy of the artist

Artdose VOL XXV would be not be possible without the continued support of the following: Art in Algoma: First FridayEighty Art & DesignLakeshore Art Supplies, LLCThe Pink Llama Gallery, and Riverwalk Art Center. 

This issue runs from January 1 – March 31, 2019.

New Additions

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Artist Mary Bergs interviewed by Erika L. Block [link]

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Artdose Art Guide VOL XXII featured artist, Amy Soczka

Written by Erika L. Block

Amy Soczka has dedicated her life to creating contrasting beauty in a constantly evolving environment. She is best known for her large-scale paintings of densely-grown landscapes featuring “not-quite real” flowers and foliage. Her current work is a series of acrylic paintings on canvas depicting lush floral motifs, geometric and natural patterns, and the occasional portrait of imagined figures. She is inspired in part by the patterns in nature and architecture, and is heavily influenced by the illustration and graphic design of styles of the 1980’s. “When I was very young we had Lisa Frank designs on everything, and I remember being so impressed by this person whose drawings were everywhere but I had no concept of how that worked. I loved how crazy those designs were, so perfectly 80’s. We are so inundated with imagery in a new way now – constantly taking in information and processing it however we do, and I probably have hundreds of artists that I love now that reach a bit beyond the cover of my 4th grade Trapper Keeper®.” Later on, she saw a poster of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” which sparked a passion for the artist and others like him, finding herself drawn to the unique color palette and geometric designs. It is easy to spot this unlikely combination of influences, as well as her former career in graphic design, within Soczka’s current body of work.

Amy earned her BFA from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design) and studied for one year at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Italy. She was employed as a graphic designer for ten years and ran a small wholesale stationary business on the side before becoming an artist full time. Soczka realized that the traditional workplace was not for her, and “said goodbye to the desk life” when her first child was born. She purchased a home that included a large pole barn (previously used as a vintage car museum) and created an ideal studio space, which changed her entire approach to her work. “It is quite literally my younger self’s dream come true.”
Her greatest hope for anyone viewing her work is that it causes pause. “I would like to imagine someone standing as close as they can get to the work, and for them to get lost in a daydream.” She also hopes that viewers will find their own ideas and meanings within the work. “I feel like we all have some overlapping stories, I just hope my work makes an appearance in a few new ones.”

Amy’s work is included in the permanent collection at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas as well as in the homes of several private collectors. To learn more about Amy Soczka and her work, please visit and follow her on Instagram at

Click here to see her work.

Click here to hear her interview on FRANK & CO Podcast. 

Get your hands on a copy at the following locations: Eighty Art & Design, Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC, The Pink Llama Gallery, Plymouth Arts Center, Riverwalk Art Center, and the Algoma Chamber of Commerce. 

Erika L. Block is a professional writer and designer working exclusively with the art, music, publishing, film and fashion industries. She is also a contemporary mixed media artist.

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Looking Ahead: Artdose Art Guide turns 5 in 2017

As I was driving home from school today I realized that Artdose Art Guide will be turning 5 in 2017. I never imagined that this art publication would be seeing 5 years. 

What started as an idea in Sheboygan to promote the visual arts in my community has slowly grew to include other art venues, arts centers, art studios, galleries, etc from Algoma, Cedarburg, Elkhart Lake, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Plymouth, and Sheboygan. There are a lot of fabulous art happenings in our state. The Artdose Art Guide is just one vehicle to share and promote it. I am so thankful to be working alongside James May Gallery, Cedarburg Artists Guild, Cedarburg Art Museum, The Pink Llama, Two Fish Gallery, Gallery & Frame Shop, Langdon Divers Community Gallery, Macy Place, Riverwalk Art Center, Global Arts Gallery, Material Studios & Gallery, Plymouth Arts Center, Seranya Studios Art Boutique, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Knaak + Juarez Studio, Lakeshore Art Supplies, and the Sheboygan Visual Artists to continue to build art community in Wisconsin. 

I have had the honor of working with Pat Ryan, Dale Van Minsel, Dale Knaak, and Erika Block over the past three years to make this publication become reality. Most recent with Sally Carson who is currently designing the Artdose Art Guide. 

In addition, I would like to thank the following people for their continued support over the years – Tammie Strause (The Pink Llama), Pat & Karen Robison (Two Fish Gallery), Julie Balson (Gallery & Frame Shop), Mel Kolstad (Mel Kolstad Fine Art), Kathryn Dreifuerst (Riverwalk Art Center), Robert Jagemann (Global Arts Gallery), Susan Radke (Seranya Studios Art Boutique), Cindy Seibold-Hoeper (Lakeshore Art Supplies), and Peg Haubert (Sheboygan Visual Artists). 

Every issue of Artdose Art Guide features the works of an artist. We have featured the works by Pat Ryan (Sheboygan Falls), Paula Swaydan Grebel (Plymouth), the late George Vihos (Sheboygan), Tom Uebelherr (Sheboygan), Dale Knaak (Sheboygan), Mel Kolstad (Fond du Lac), Jeanne Kuhns (Egg Harbor), Cooper Diers (Sheboygan), Amy Jarvis (Fond du Lac), Daniel Rathbun (Cleveland), Rob Neilson (Appleton), Tom Rauwerdink (Sheboygan), Lois Bielefeld (Milwaukee), Ray Easley (Fall Rivers), Laura Weber (Cedarburg), and Kendra Bulgrin (Algoma). 

















Artdose Vol XV now available

A huge thanks to our sponsors for their continued support: The Pink Llama, Two Fish Gallery, Gallery & Frame Shop, Tour of the Town Fond du Lac, Mel Kolstad, Riverwalk Art Center, Global Arts Gallery, Plymouth Arts Center, Seranya Studio Art Boutique, Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC, Sheboygan Visual Artists, Tour of the Town Art Walk, Cedarburg Artists Guild, Almont Gallery, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and the Waukesha Art Crawl.

Artdose is happy to welcome Macy Place from Fond du Lac.

For a list of distribution sites click here.

We are happy to introduce you to our featured artist, Laura Weber.

Read her interview on page 4  [link]
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