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Artdose Vol XXV now available online

We are thrilled to release our 25th issue of Artdose Art Guide. Artdose was started in Sheboygan in 2013 as a way to bridge smaller art communities in North East Wisconsin. Today, it continues to promote and connect the visual arts and artists across North East and South East Wisconsin. There are a lot of great art, exhibitions, and events happening over here.

Artdose is one way of bringing it to the forefront.  

Vol XXV issue features artist, Mary Bergs from Benton, WI. 

Image courtesy of the artist

Artdose VOL XXV would be not be possible without the continued support of the following: Art in Algoma: First FridayEighty Art & DesignLakeshore Art Supplies, LLCThe Pink Llama Gallery, and Riverwalk Art Center. 

This issue runs from January 1 – March 31, 2019.

New Additions

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Wondering what is happening this year? There is a countdown located on the right side bar, which will be used as a way to keep you informed on upcoming exhibitions and events. 

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Artist Mary Bergs interviewed by Erika L. Block [link]

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Sculpture dominates Cedarburg Art Museum’s summer landscape

Cedarburg – The Cedarburg Art Museum’s third annual outdoor sculpture exhibition Fluid Forms takes advantage of the spaces surrounding Cedarburg’s historic Wittenberg-Jochem mansion to showcase the large-scale forms of Wisconsin sculptors Dennis Heimbach and David Valentine. The Cedarburg Art Museum’s outdoor exhibition was curated by Tom Lidtke and is made possible by support from Flagstone Landscape Design, Cedarburg.

Both Heimbach and Valentine came to creating large-scale sculpture from other career paths.  Long before Heimbach of Middleton, Wisconsin considered himself a sculptor, he won first place in the Fisher Auto Body Craftsman Guild Awards for a futuristic automobile design. For many years Heimbach had a career as a creative jeweler in Madison, WI and in retirement took up large-scale sculpture.  His pieces have highly polished finishes in stainless steel and have a sense of movement that extends beyond the piece itself. Heimbach’s sculptural pieces are in numerous public and private collections across the country, including at the Reston Town Center in Reston, Virginia, in the City of Greenville, South Carolina, at the S.C. Johnson & Son in Racine, Wisconsin and at Pfizer, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Valentine of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin is an award-winning architect who has extended his creativity into sculpture since 2005.  For Valentine, sculpture and architecture are inextricably connected. As in his architecture, Valentine’s sculpture hinges on spatial relationships, often incorporating a focal point and negative space to demonstrate these relationships. Although Valentine’s works are abstract they are rooted in concepts that are conveyed in the titles. His sculptures naturally oxidize with exposure to the elements, giving them an industrial quality. His works all suggest a sense of movement, whether it be movement that may be perceived beyond the physical sculpture or that implies orbit as part of the sculpture.

Image above: Dennis Heimbach’s Windtwist is a sculptural work in a highly polished stainless steel that exudes energy beyond the space that it occupies.

The exhibition Fluid Forms: The Sculpture of Dennis Heimbach and David Valentine may be viewed in daylight hours every day through September 19 on the Cedarburg Art Museum grounds at W63 N675 Washington Avenue. 

Image left: The Three of Us, a work in weathered steel and concrete by Sturgeon Bay sculptor and architect David Valentine, is part of Cedarburg Art Museum’s 2017 summer sculpture exhibition.

A new look for 2016 – Artdose Art Guide

1FrankJuarezGallery_27329_LayoutIn just a couple of days we will be ringing the New Year. The past three years have been amazing promoting the visual arts in Northeast Wisconsin. The Artdose Art Guide is officially covering the visual arts from the entire state. The goal of this project was to be the most comprehensive art guide available and although there is a lot of work ahead of me, I know this can be achieved. What started as a black-n-white art guide with a circulation of 600 has grown to a full-color art guide with a circulation of 1,200. This would not be possible with the continued support of the following: Tour of the Town Fond du Lac, Mel Kolstad, Sheboygan Visual Artists, Riverwalk Art Center, Gallery Frame Shop, Two Fish Gallery, Plymouth Arts Center, Seranya Studios Art Boutique, Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC., and BAMCO WORLD.

I am excited to welcome The Pink Llama Gallery and the Waukesha Art Crawl into the Artdose family. 

I am looking forward to working with Sally Carson, graphic designer, from Sheboygan. I have been working with her on other projects for the past few years so I know she’ll rock this one. I have to give Erika Block from Creative Studios a shout out. She has been with me since the beginning of Artdose. Thank you, EB. 

Here are some new features that you can expect from the new Artdose Art Guide. 

  • a featured artist from Wisconsin along with a Portfolio page
  • a Calendar of Events with a listing of what is to come later in the year
  • content from Artdose Art Guide shared through my WI art e-newsletter, Frank & Co. This e-newsletter is scheduled to land in your inbox on Sundays at 7pm (CST). To subscribe click hereThis is a free subscription that will introduce you to more art happenings in Wisconsin.

I do hope you enjoy reading Vol XIII, which you can read online by clicking here

Here’s to 2016.


Frank Juarez