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Artdose Vol XXV now available online

We are thrilled to release our 25th issue of Artdose Art Guide. Artdose was started in Sheboygan in 2013 as a way to bridge smaller art communities in North East Wisconsin. Today, it continues to promote and connect the visual arts and artists across North East and South East Wisconsin. There are a lot of great art, exhibitions, and events happening over here.

Artdose is one way of bringing it to the forefront.  

Vol XXV issue features artist, Mary Bergs from Benton, WI. 

Image courtesy of the artist

Artdose VOL XXV would be not be possible without the continued support of the following: Art in Algoma: First FridayEighty Art & DesignLakeshore Art Supplies, LLCThe Pink Llama Gallery, and Riverwalk Art Center. 

This issue runs from January 1 – March 31, 2019.

New Additions

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Artist Mary Bergs interviewed by Erika L. Block [link]

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Photographers, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath to be featured in Art SLAM

Two early members of Lakeshore Artists Guild, Corey and Cindy Hoppenrath are Manitowoc residents, and Wisconsin based photographers, who have enjoyed traveling and the outdoors all of their lives.  The last twenty plus years, they have been doing their favorite things together, cameras in hand.

Their subjects vary from scenic, wildlife, still life, and most recently, daily life on a small farm.  

Per Corey, “The project that I started working with father/son farmers that raise cash crops of corn and wheat, and also do custom harvesting for other farmers. There are also dairy farmers involved, and yes, those farmers need to milk 2 to 3 times a day every day.  So if the farmers want a day off, they need

someone to take over the operation while the famer is gone.”  Agricultural life is often very busy, or quite slow. When planting and harvesting, a farmer will work as long as the weather holds good. 14 to 16 hour days are common. “For now,” Corey explains, “The project is on hold for now, but hopefully it will start up again soon.”  

Corey and Cindy are part of the Rural Arts Roadtrip, which is a tour of artist studios this year on October 12th and 13th.  They work in a space on a farm west of Chilton. Visit for info: http://www.ruralartsroadtrip.com

Corey’s work has been seen in Midwest Review for 4 years in a row; as well as part of the “Wild and Scenic Wisconsin” calendar for 2014.  Both Cindy and Corey’s work has been exhibited at Silver Lake College.  

For a fuller look at their work, visit: http://www.choppenrathphoto.com  as well as their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/CoreyHoppenrathPhotography/

Both Corey and Cindy now work in digital formal.  In Corey’s words; “I went kicking and screaming into the digital age. I loved getting the little yellow boxes of slides from the lab – and the excitement AND disappointment of looking at your work for the first time.  But we now love the instant feedback that you get from digital.  It also gives us the freedom to take creative risks with some of our images.  When in the past we might not have tried a shot because of cost of film and developing, now we can take whatever we want and just delete the misses”.

Originally, Cindy comes from Stevens Point, while Corey is from Hustisford WI.  Whether in the backyard wildflower garden, standing on the shore of a quiet Wisconsin lake, or on a mountain in the open west, they enjoy capturing the beauty before them and relaying the feeling that inspired them to stop and photograph the scene. They find Manitowoc a good place to live while being inspired by it’s natural beauty.  Travel now is their main goal; Cindy loves Grand Teton National Park and Corey’s favorite is Glacier National Park.  Both of them are developing a love for Alaska.  

For the inaugural Art Slam, both Corey and Cindy will be doing photography in the downtown area.  


The Light of Thy Favor exhibition at the Plymouth Arts Center

Plymouth Arts Center

“The Light of Thy Favor” Exhibition in Gallery 110 North  

Featuring Artists Colette Odya Smith & Tom Kubala

Exhibition Dates: August 10, 2018 through October 5, 2018

Contact: Donna Hahn, Executive Director

Phone: (920.892.8409) Email: donna@plymoutharts.org

Web: www.plymoutharts.org

PLYMOUTH, WI – Artists and close acquaintances Colette Odya Smith and Tom Kubala will be featured in a new exhibition entitled “The Light of Thy Favor,” in Gallery 110 North of the Plymouth Arts Center, August 10, 2018  through October 5, 2018. Odya Smith, a pastel artist, creates thoughtful and tranquil landscapes which blend realism and abstraction. Kubala, a watercolor artist, allows the painting to develop as the colors mix, the result a glimpse of our surroundings in still life and landscapes.

The public is invited to meet the artists at the opening reception on Friday, August 10 from 4:30 to 8:00pm which will be held in conjunction with the Arts Center’s Annual Fundraiser, the “Cheese Capital Jazz & Blues Crawl for the Arts.” The exhibit is generously sponsored by Sargento. Admission to the gallery is always free, thanks in part to our generous sponsors.  The Plymouth Arts Center is located at 520 E. Mill Street in Downtown Plymouth, WI officially, “The Cheese Capital of the World.”  For more information about the PAC or the exhibition, please visit our website: www.plymoutharts.org or call 920.892.8409.

About the Artists

Colette Odya Smith has always been an artist, even long before she could name herself that way.  As a child she was happiest in a corner making pictures and art projects; next best was exploring outdoors. She traded her cleaning chores with her brothers for the chance to tend the yard and garden. Growing up in Milwaukee, WI in a large working-class family, the nearby parks and lakes, especially the shores of Lake Michigan became her playgrounds. She said, “the colors, the light, the transformations of the seasons of the upper Midwest seeped into me and my enthusiasm for the landscape has been bubbling up out of me in various ways ever since.”

After earning a degree in Fine Art, Humanities, and Education Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, Colette taught art in Wisconsin schools for a decade and raised two creative children. She continued to make art around the edges. Later on, while taking classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design she fell in love with pastels and has been working nearly exclusively with them since.  For the past 20 years, she has been able to focus on her painting career, exploring ways to express the mystery and wonder she feels in the ‘school’ of nature, seeking The Divine hidden in His creation. Using the technique of laying pastels over a watercolor underpainting, Colette has developed methods that expand the expressive range of this versatile medium, at times using ripped and layered surfaces, textured elements and gold and copper leaf.

In High Spirits

Colette’s paintings have been exhibited widely and featured in numerous art publications in the United States and France, receiving many regional and national awards.  She is particularly honored by the recognition of her artist colleagues, having been named a Master Pastellist of le Societe des Pastellistes de France, a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and earned Masters Circle designation in the International Association of Pastel Societies, and Distinguished Pastellist honors in the Pastel Society of New Mexico. Her work is displayed in public, corporate, and private collections. She continues to feel blessed to be an artist and to be able to do the work she loves.  Whether painting, teaching, judging, writing, she offers her work in the spirit of service. For more information, visit Colette’s website: http://www.coletteodyasmith.com

Tom Kubala began painting soon after learning to walk. Drawing and painting has been his constant companion ever since. Currently, Tom paints weekly with a group of friends known only to themselves as the Dumpster School. His subjects range from local architecture and landscapes to still life objects. Watercolor has been Tom’s media of choice primarily because of its simplicity and portability, painting plein air (outside) is a particular pleasure for him. Tom finds the major task in painting…. is getting out of the way, both spiritually and physically. Spiritually, to see the painting as it unfolds – without the filter of a concept or abstract notion. Physically, so as not to interfere with the paint’s own mixing – directly on the paper. Tom believes that a painting is a painting, that it must stand on its own as a collection of colored blotches on white paper, a collection that has the ability, if organized properly, to bring life to the world where none existed before. Subject matter is only a starting point for his paintings, an organizing framework for color and value.

Tom is the principal and co-founder of Kubala Washatko Architects, a full service architectural, planning, and interior design firm providing award-winning expertise for a wide range of project types. TKWA was founded in 1980 by Tom Kubala and Allen Washatko. In 2006, the firm received the AIA Firm Award, which is the highest honor given by the state’s professional service organization. Their work has earned over 90 state and national design awards. Tom has participated in designing many local buildings, including the Milwaukee Public Market, the Urban Ecology Center, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, as well as many others throughout the country.

From a recent interview “Architecture Meets WaterColors with Artist Tom Kubala” with Audrey Nowakowski, Lake Effect Producer/WUWM-Milwaukee Public Radio-May 2016

Dancing Olives, Israel

While painting with watercolors and designing buildings might seem like very different pursuits, Kubala says they’re actually much more similar than you might imagine. “The practice of painting and doing architecture is almost the same. What we’ve found is that, in the case of painting, you’re faced with this white paper. And you have the ability, depending on how you organize different blobs of color, to bring a whole life and light to that piece of paper,” he says. “In [an] architectural sense, we use the same skills to create mass and space, or form and non-form, in a certain kind of geometry to create life from… from nothing. It’s like magical.” 

Tom’s paintings are displayed locally and regionally in galleries and in private, corporate, and public collections. He has presented lectures on watercolor painting at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the League of Milwaukee Artists, and the Cedarburg Art Museum, and will occasionally teach a class in drawing and watercolor. He is a member of the Cedarburg Artists Guild. Visit his website: tomkubala.com or follow on Pinterest: pinterest.de/thoskubala/watercolors-tom-kubala


The Plymouth Arts Center is a non-profit community arts organization founded in 1993 to promote and nurture the visual and performing arts in all of Western Sheboygan County and beyond. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2018, the PAC has over 400 members and more than 250 volunteers who serve the organization as board and committee members, singers, actors, directors, musicians, and general helpers. The organization is solely supported through membership dues, private and corporate sponsorships, grants, donations, and fundraising events. The PAC’s mission is to: Enliven the Spirit of our Community and To Enrich the Lives of All, by Providing Diverse Experiences in the Arts. 

Wisconsin artists are showcased, during six uniquely different exhibits per year, in PAC’s stunning, recently renovated, Gallery 110 North.  Additionally, the Arts Center offers an ongoing and vibrant schedule of live musical and theatrical performances, art classes and workshops, special annual events, i.e. Jazz & Blues Crawl Fundraiser, Northern Moraine Spring Art Tour in June, Paint the Towns, En Plein Air,(fall outdoor painting competition,) the nationally acclaimed, New Year’s Eve, “Big Cheese Drop,” and more!  New members and volunteers are always welcome. The PAC also serves as an unique backdrop for private gatherings, meetings and special community events. Tour/School groups may schedule docent led visits. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm; Sat-Sun. Noon to 3pm; or by special appointment.  Closed on Mondays and Holidays. For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Donna Hahn at donna@plymoutharts.org, or call 920.892.8409.


Artdose Artist Directory Spotlight: Claudette Lee-Roseland

Image courtesy of the artist

Claudette Lee-Roseland’s process involves the manipulation of color, value and shape. She starts with the application of many colors in a haphazard fashion, infusing the canvas or board with energy. Colors and shapes overlap one another. At some point, she may cover the support with a transparent color to create a uniformity to the painting. When she begins, she has no preconceived idea of what it will become. That is the fun for her – not knowing what it will become. She uses prearranged colors only when she is working on a commission.

Her mind is active with the concepts of value, color combinations, subtly of color blending, shapes and stroke lines. Crayon is one of her constant tools. She will use the crayons to create color activity and construct shapes with the line. She is continually thinking of the balance between colors, values and shapes. Her desire is to create a rich surface.

Composition and movement are very important to Lee-Roseland. Once she has the basic color combinations and value differences, her eye turns toward the movement throughout the painting as created by the shapes and values. A compositional form will develop which she will enhance by defining shapes or emphasizing values, line or colors.

She works, primarily, in acrylic paint because it dries quickly and allows her the freedom to layer and draw with crayons or pencil. When she works in oils, she uses cold wax as a medium that creates a paste to be applied with a palette knife. Most of her oil paintings are in small format, while her acrylic paintings can be very large. Occasionally, she works in a hot wax known as Encaustic. These paintings are usually collaged with added materials into the layers of wax.

Occasionally, she works outside with the landscape in oil. The Wisconsin landscape has much to offer. Her landscapes may be realistic or in the abstract. She prefers, as a painter, to compose something new rather than do an exact representation of the subject. She is hoping to create a pleasurable experience for the viewer and have them think a bit about the subject. If she is lucky, the viewer may taste or feel the painting as well as see it. Lee-Roseland’s painting, Raspberry Sherbert, has been known to activate taste buds.

She is hoping for a painting that the viewer will not tire of because of the richness of the surface. You will not see everything at the first look.


On Target, Acrylic on board, 24vx 18 inches


Notes from the Garden, Acrylic on Board, 36 x 36 inches


Montenegro, Acrylic on Board, 36 x 36 inches


Cycling, Acrylic on Board, 24 x 18 inches


A New Day, Acrylic on Board, 36 x 36 inches


Professional painter, Claudette Lee-Roseland began her artistic life with drawing lessons from a local painter before she went to kindergarten. Her interest in art was fueled early on with trips to the Chicago Art Institute and paintings hung in her home which she attempted to copy as a child. Art awards in grade school and high school followed. In college, she studied with Lester Schwartz, a well respected Wisconsin artist of the time. Following graduation, she became an educator who added artistic events into her social studies curriculum whenever possible while perusing painting on a personal level.

Claudette’s artistic life soared after taking a job with a local art materials store where she developed an art educational program that related to the products sold in the store. As instructor of the classes, she broadened her knowledge of materials and how to use them to create. During this time, she maintained a studio in the “Pittsburg Building”-now known as the Arts Building in downtown Milwaukee. Participating in the annual Studio Crawl, many of her paintings found homes. At this time, she developed a line of painted tiles that were sold at the Milwaukee Art Museum and numerous retail locations around the country. She now maintains a studio in Cedarburg, WI.

Over the years, Claudette has participated in art fairs, one-man shows and group shows. Her work has not gone unnoticed. Over ten paintings in the Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company collection, part of the Serigraph collection, she is found in the collection of numerous companies and private collections. A sought after instructor and private art coach, Claudette has given back to the arts community by serving on the Boards of Wisconsin Visual Artists, Wisconsin Designer Craft Council and Cedarburg Artists’ Guild. She is a Signature Member of the International Acrylic Painters Association and Wisconsin Visual Artists.

A Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities has contributed to her ability to teach beginners in art as well as experiment with art techniques that make her work individual. Loving puzzles and mysteries, she creates paintings that provide the viewer an opportunity to interpret the work with their own meaning. She creates interesting “layers of thought” with each application of paint, working back and forth between transparent and opaque colors, adding lines here and there that disappear and reappear between shapes, creating mystery between what you see and what you don’t see under the paint. Investigation, experimentation and color provide the fun for her with her work. During the summer, she works in Plein Air-outside to capture the light as it moves across the Wisconsin landscape. She is a three-time prize winner in the Cedarburg Plein Air Painting Competition.

Paintings can be seen at Idea Gallery-Door County, Pink Llama Gallery-Cedarburg, WI, Center St. Studio-Cedarburg, WI (by apt. only), Gallery of Wisconsin Art-West Bend, WI, www.claudetteleeroseland.com, www.leeroseland.fineartstudioonline.com, www.fineartamerica.com.

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Plymouth Arts Center’s 23rd Annual Juried Exhibition Winners

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James May Gallery 2nd Annual Art of Water Exhibition

For Immediate Release

Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce



Kendra Bulgrin, James May Gallery

Cell:   262-753-3130

Email: kendrabulgrin@mac.com

Sara Krouse, Algoma Area Chamber

Cell: 920-621-8838

Email: sara@algomachamber.org


James May Gallery 2nd Annual Art of Water Exhibition

ALGOMA, WI – James May Gallery invites the public to join over 100 regional and national artists celebrating “our most vital resource” at a gallery exhibition spread throughout nine downtown Algoma business including James May Gallery, JMG North, Steele Street Trading Co. & Gallery, Jabberwock Gallery and Studio, Clay on Steele, Yardstick, The Algoma Book Corner, Steele Street Hops, & von Stiehl Winery.

This free event focuses on conversation and protection of water, inspired by Algoma’s beautiful Lake Michigan coastline. While the galleries will host the artwork for the month of May, there is a reception opening on Friday May 4th from 5:30-8:00.  Friday’s activities include: Water’s Edge Artists – painters for preservation- the plein air painters group will be painting on-site from 9am-dusk; Pay it Forward Ethiopia Food Truck and live music by Levi Zeitler & Chris Ragowski at Steele Street Hops 7-10pm.

The festivities continue Saturday May 5th with all locations open to see artworks.  Water’s Edge Artists will continue their plein air paintings.  JMG North is hosting free screen printing 10-12 (bring your own shirt), the Algoma Book Corner will have performances of nature readings 1:30-3pm.

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Matt Wechsler will preview his new film about the issues of factory farms, followed by the award-winning film, Sustainable, at JMG North.  “Sustainable” was screened at 20+ film festivals around the world and recently won the 2016 Accolade Global Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Achievement. Their past work includes the 2012 New York Emmy-nominated documentary “Different is the New Normal”, which aired nationally on PBS and was narrated by Michael J. Fox. They are currently working on a new film called “Right to Harm” about the health effects of factory farming on rural Americans. The film is set to premiere in 2018.  https://sustainablefoodfilm.com/

Saturday evening concludes again at Steele Street Hops with the music of Kyle Megna (lead man for Kyle Megna and the Monsoons, a 2018 nominee for the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Artist of the Year Award) and Ross Catterton 7-10pm.

Donations are being collected to benefit Friends of Crescent Beach whose mission is To promote through advocacy, education and activities the improvement, support, protection and enjoyment of Crescent Beach.  FOCB is the driving force behind the Crescent Beach improvement project, helping the city win major grant funds to control evasive plants on the beach and Infrastructure changes to help drainage issues.

Sponsors for the event include: von Stiehl Winery, Denny’s Supervalu Foods, CTI Hospitality, Precision Door Drive, LLC., Wisconsin Public Radio, Artist’s Guild, Dick Blick, Door County Kayak, Forestville Builders, KI, Nicolet Bank, Steele Street Hops, Taste of Ethiopia, Water’s Edge Artists

More information:






Artist Zina Mussmann featured on FRANK & CO Podcast

We are happy to introduce you to another FRANK & CO Podcast. In this upcoming episode Frank Juarez talks to Milwaukee-based artist, Zina Mussman about her work and solo show at the Hoffmaster Gallery at the Wriston Art Galleries at Lawrence University. “Unto Itself: Zina Mussmann ends May 6, 2018. Lawrence University is located at 711 E. Boldt Way in Appleton. 
Take a listen by clicking the link: http://bit.ly/2qoi2zT
Connect with Zina at @zinamussmann
About the artist
Zina Mussmann received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2002 and an MFA from Northern Illinois University in 2008. She has exhibited her work regionally and nationally. Her work has been featured in the Manifest International Painting Annual, The Alchemy Magazine of Literature and Art and Lunch Ticket Magazine. She is also the co-founder of Greymatter, an artist-run space she established with Rachel Quirk in 2011, the curator of an online project called 365 Artists 365 Days, and a faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.



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